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A beautiful cathedral in Russia


Smolny Cathedral

A total of 32 running meters of material FuranFlex with a diameter of 180 mm were installed for ventilation of the basements of the Smolny Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ in St. Petersburg.

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is part of the Smolny Monastery, laid down by the order of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in 1730th year. The construction of the cathedral was begun later, in 1748, and was completed only in 1835.

Smolny Cathedral was originally intended to be the central church of a monastery, built to house the daughter of Peter the Great, Elizabeth, after she was disallowed to take the throne and opted instead to become a nun. However, as soon as her Imperial predecessor was overthrown during a coup, carried out by the royal guards, Elizabeth decided to forget the whole idea of a stern monastic life and happily accepted the offer of the Russian throne.

FuranFlex is proud to be inside this beautiful building.


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Country: RU
Material: FF Black
Published by Zsolt Szépvölgyi working at Kompozitor in Hungary

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