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Pittodrie House


This is a Hotel in Aberdeenshire which called on Kompozit’all UK installation partners Old mill Chimneys. This was because the existing Flue failed a smoke test. Existing flues had oval clay liners in situ and external walls were granite. Parts of the building were over 500 years old, this meant other lining methods such as steel may damage the buildings structure. It would also be highly time consuming and unpredictable if the granite had to be removed to gain access to the flue. FuranFlex25 was used and meant only access at each end of the flue was needed to install the liner. Two FuranFlex25 Black liners were installed and a full 25 year guarantee was given after the installation was complete (unique full 25 year guarantee for Kompozit’all UK installations). The Installation of the two liners took two days.


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Country: UK
Material: FF Black
Published by Nicolas Shaw working at Kompozit'all UK in UK

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