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Horizontal ventilation ducts in Finnish hospital


Sealing of horizontal supply and exhaust ventilation ducts in Finnish hospital

A pressure test revealed that HNS Hospital (Helsinki and Nyland Hospital District) in Finland had leaking ventilation ducts. The ducts had to be upgraded to sealing class D, and FuranFlex was the adopted solution.

Duct sealing was performed by Ventia Group’s installation company in 2014 and 2015. The supply and exhaust ventilation ducts that had to be sealed were ø450 mm in size. Henrik Petterson from the Ventia Group explains:

– The requirements from the customer were very rigorous and the selling-in process was extensive. The FuranFlex composite pipe was exhaustively tested. VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) conducted a range of tests including formaldehyde and VOC testing which indicated that the lining material contained no traces of harmful substances.

Ducts under concrete flooring

The ducts were horizontal and installed under the concrete floor. This method caused no problems at all for the installation company or customer.

– FuranFlex contributed to the floor not having to be demolished along its entire length. The work process was quick and ran smoothly with minimal intervention to the property, says Henrik Petterson.

Looking back on a successful project

– The sealed ventilation ducts comply with sealing class D. We can look back on a project that was completed on schedule and where our customer is satisfied, says Henrik Petterson.



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Country: FI
Material: VentilFlex Black
Published by Henrik working at Ventia Oy in Finland

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