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Solution for leaking ventilation ducts in Stockholm, Sweden


In Sundbyberg outside of Stockholm, Sweden, tenants in the Ekorren block were experiencing problems with cooking odors and the smell of smoke. It turned out that the walled ventilation channels were leaking and in need of renovation. But which solution was the best choice?

Projektbyrån Stockholm AB were tasked with the duct sealing project and were responsible for project planning, project management and production management.


No need for tenants to move out

The renovation method and materials used were not determined in advance. Petra Dahlqvist, Project Manager at Projektbyrån Stockholm AB, explains:

– We considered several options and ultimately decided on relining using the flue and vent lining composite material FuranFlex® from Skorstenstätaren&Kaminbutiken i Västerås AB. This was because we wanted to retain the duct sizes and that we perceived the method as clean, fast and flexible. All tenants were able to remain during the renovation process.


Exhaust air fans on the roof

As part of the solution, exhaust air fans were installed on the roof of the property. A fan on the ceiling at each stairwell was combined with traditional ventilating hoods in the apartments. Prior to the renovation, each apartment had its own fan.

– A major portion of the work could be conducted from the stairwell. The project with the fans and FuranFlex® ran quickly and smoothly. In hindsight, we spent less time in the apartments than we had anticipated. I think it would have been more messy if we had re-bricked the ducts or opted for another renovation method, says Petra Dahlqvist.


Facts on duct size and length

The duct sealing operation of the Ekorren block was conducted through the summer and fall of 2014. The size of the FuranFlex® used was ø160 mm, and in total some 1,600 meters were run.


A method that is becoming more widespread

Skorstenstätaren&Kaminbutiken i Västerås AB are affiliated with SkorstensFolket Sverige AB, and have noticed how the demand for duct sealing with FuranFlex® and VentilFlex® is on the rise. This view is supported by Projektbyrån Stockholm AB’s Project Manager Petra Dahlqvist:

– I believe that relining solutions will be increasingly adopted, in particular for the renovation of old properties. For us it was being able to maintain the duct area with a quick and easy renovation solution that was the decisive factor in our choice, Petra Dahlqvist summarizes.


SkorstensFolket Sverige AB supplies flue and vent lining composite materials VentilFlex and FuranFlex to more than 40 installers in Sweden from their head office in Gothenburg.


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