FuranFlex ensures reduced radon concentration

SkorstensFolket’s partner Kanaltätning i Göteborg AB has been engaged several times to reduce radon values in Swedish properties. An illustration of this is the radon remediation work that Kanaltätning performed for the Gånghester housing association. Sealing the ventilation ducts improved air circulation and the radon concentration fell below the Swedish limit value of (<200 Bq/m3).

The ventilation ducts were sealed in five buildings, with 15 apartments in each of the buildings. In addition, suction boxes and fans were installed. Relining with FuranFlex (dimension ø125 mm) was a key element of the project and the total length of the duct that was sealed was approximately 1,200 m.

Radon reading before duct sealing, average value:
350-400 Bq/m3

Radon reading before duct sealing, highest measured value:
1,080 Bq/m3

Radon reading following duct sealing:
At the conclusion of the project, all the apartments had a radon concentration below the Swedish limit value of (<200 Bq/m3).


SkorstensFolket Sverige AB supplies flue and vent lining composite materials VentilFlex and FuranFlex to more than 40 installers in Sweden from their head office in Gothenburg.

Kanaltätning i Göteborg AB operates primarily in western Sweden and its staff are certified to install FuranFlex and VentilFlex.


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Country: SE
Material: VentilFlex Black
Published by Thomas Stenqvist working at SkorstensFolket Sverige AB in Sweden