Kompozitor wins Innovation Award of the year 2016 with FuranFlex

Kompozitor has just won national Innovation Award with its FuranFlex product.

The Hungarian Innovation Award was founded in 1991 and is endorsed by the Hungarian Innovation Foundation and numerous governmental bodies, minisries. For the past 25 years, the award has been given to companies with the most significant and successful innovations in Hungary. This year, Kompozitor was chosen among the 7 most innovative companies based on its success with FuranFlex, and has won the Innovation Award provided by the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

The award ceremony was held in the Hungarian Parliament with the participation of the President of Hungarian Parliament and including a reception thereafter. Géza Kecskeméthy has personally taken over the award from the President of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (right) and the President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (left).

A big thank you for all our FuranFlex Partners worldwide for making this success possible for us.


Innovation Award 2016 cremony in the Hungarian Parliament – March 29, 2017



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Published by Zsolt Szépvölgyi working at Kompozitor in Hungary