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New smart ventilation and a 60% reduction in energy use

Valla Torg in southern Stockholm

New smart ventilation and a 60% reduction in energy use

Press Release   •   Feb 06, 2018  08:25  CET   •   SkorstensFolket Sverige AB –

Valla Torg in southern Stockholm is an important part of the European Commission’s GrowSmarter project. The area is being developed into a European model for sustainable urban areas. Apartment blocks dating from the 1960s, belonging to public housing company Stockholmshem, are being renovated; at the time of writing, work is in progress on the second property. The plan is to reduce energy use in the area by 60%.

“We have installed ventilation units that recycle the warm air in the property,” says Christer Jansson, CEO of HH:s Ventilation AB.

HH:s Ventilation is a sub-contractor to Skanska, which is the turnkey contractor for the Valla Torg project.

Relining of the ventilation ducts with VentilFlex®

Energy efficiencies at Valla Torg include lining the brickwork ventilation ducts. HH:s Ventilation opted to engage ADE Installationer AB, a company certified in the installation of VentilFlex® composite tubing.

VentilFlex® adapts in shape to the existing ventilation ducts, sealing them completely without altering the cross-sectional area of the duct. There was a good deal of leakage from the brickwork ducts at Valla Torg. Now that they have been relined with VentilFlex®, the ducts are as good as new again,” says Anatoli Dudzin, installation engineer at ADE Installationer, of which he is also the owner.

Big makeover of the properties

Overhauling the ventilation is part of the overall picture. The work on making the Valla Torg apartments smarter in terms of energy also includes:

  • Additional insulation on the outer walls and roof
  • Modern energy-efficient windows
  • Smart sensors
  • Visualisation of electricity, heating and hot water consumption for the residents
  • Solar cells
  • Automated vacuum waste collection system and optical waste sorting



Stockholm shows the rest of Europe the way. In the EU GrowSmarter project, European cities work together with various environmental engineering companies in order to test and develop smart solutions for sustainable urban growth. Stockholm, Barcelona and Cologne have been chosen as demonstration (“lighthouse”) cities. The focus is not just on making the buildings more efficient, but also on reducing emissions from deliveries and other traffic, and on creating new jobs. Read more> 


VentilFlex® and its sister product FuranFlex® are composite tubing for relining ventilation ducts. They are installed in more than 30 countries and SkorstensFolket Sverige AB is the agent for the Nordic countries. VentilFlex® and FuranFlex® have been assessed by SundaHus, which has awarded the products a top ‘A’ score. VentilFlex® and FuranFlex® are also registered in the BASTA register. BASTA registration means we are able to certify that the products meet the BASTA criteria in terms of environmental and health safety.


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